Autumn: Purification (Autumn series 3)

Autumn: Purification (Autumn series 3)

David Moody

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 0312569998

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A bastard hybrid of War of the Worlds and Night of the Living Dead, the Autumn series chronicles the struggle survivors are forced to contend with in a world torn apart by a deadly disease. 99% of the population of the planet has been killed in less than 24 hours. Animated by "phase two" of some unknown contagion, the dead begin to rise. At first slow, blind, dumb and lumbering, the bodies soon regain their most basic senses and abilities―sight, hearing, locomotion―as well as the instinct toward aggression and violence. Held back only by the restraints of their rapidly decomposing flesh, the dead seem to have only one single goal―to lumber forth and destroy the sole remaining attraction in the silent, lifeless world: those who have survived the plague, who now find themselves outnumbered 1,000,000 to 1...

In Autumn: Purification, the heroes from the original Autumn novel and Autumn: The City work together to survive in this horrifying new world.

Without ever using the ‘Z' word, the Autumn series offers a new perspective on the traditional zombie story. There's no flesh eating, no fast-moving corpses, no gore for gore's sake. Combining the atmosphere and tone of a George Romero film with the attitude and awareness of 28 Days Later, this horrifying and suspenseful novel is filled with relentless cold, dark fear.














He’d originally sat down with the intention of trying to start a conversation but now he didn’t know what to say. The soldier picked up on his sudden shuffling awkwardness but did nothing to help. He was the least of her concerns. Baxter was about to get up and walk away again when she spoke. She didn’t want to be alone. ‘My dad,’ she said, her voice flat and empty, ‘he would have liked it here. He loved planes. He was turning into a proper old-fashioned grandad. He used to take my sister’s boys to the airport and they’d spend the whole day watching the planes taking off and landing.

He asked. The suited figure turned its head and looked at him. ‘Kelly Harcourt,’ she replied. Michael was surprised although he knew he shouldn’t have been. Under all the battlefield dirt and the heavy protective suit he’d assumed that the trooper was male. Although it was dark and most of her face was hidden by her cumbersome breathing apparatus, he could still see her eyes, her nose and the top part of her mouth. She looked too young to be in uniform. ‘And is this the first time you’d been above ground?

Lawrence eased the helicopter forward to hover above the grassland and saw that directly beneath him were football posts. An important find - he immediately knew that there should be sufficient clear space for him to set down between the two goals. A football pitch would give him more than enough room to land. He moved the searchlight to point down at the pitch in a rudimentary attempt to signal his intent to the survivors on the ground. ‘What’s he doing now? ’ Donna asked, keeping her attention fixed on the road ahead and relying on the others to tell her what was happening above them.

Michael stood up, brushed himself down and walked out onto the runway in front of him. He thought about what Donna had just said, and he found the sudden gravity and importance of the day strangely humbling. Until now he hadn’t stopped to think about what he was going to do in any great detail. Sure, he’d considered the practicalities of getting over to the island and he’d paid lip service to starting to build a future for the group. Outside and unprotected, however, with the cold wind biting into his face, he began to fully appreciate the enormity of the task ahead.

There’s no-one here to see me, is there? I’m just looking at…’ ‘We can’t afford to take these kind of risks just because you fancy having a look around. You’re putting us in danger by…’ ‘I’m not putting anyone in danger,’ he protested. ‘I’m not doing anything. ’ ‘Just get back upstairs. ’ Donna marched out of the room and back up to the classroom. Kilgore followed, not agreeing with her but sensing that he was outnumbered and suddenly remembering what had happened to Stonehouse and his other colleague earlier.

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