Brewed in Canada: The Untold Story of Canada's 300-Year-Old Brewing Industry

Brewed in Canada: The Untold Story of Canada's 300-Year-Old Brewing Industry

Allen Winn Sneath

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The Canadian brewing industry predates Confederation by two hundred years; Canada boasts the oldest, continuously operating brewery in North America. Canadian brewers have survived the persecution of the Temperance Movement and Prohibition, the Great Depression, two World Wars and the challenge of Free Trade. Today, brewing in Canada is a 10 billion dollar business whose one constant is change.

From its colonial past to the microbrewery renaissance, Brewed in Canada is a passionate narrative of individual power, colourful characters, family rivalries and foreign ownership. Individual stories tell of personal success and failure, bankruptcies, takeovers, consolidation and rationalization. As men of influence, these brewers made significant contributions to their local communities and the country. Beyond the day-to-day operation of their brewing business, some would make their mark in politics, while others built churches, hospitals and helped establish universities. A commitment to community service - and to brewing excellence - continues today.

















At the age of 26 he was an accomplished brewer and fired with ambition. When Griesenger felt it was time to set out on his own in 1882, he established a brewery across the river from Detroit in Windsor. We can only assume that he chose to locate his brewery on the Canadian side of the border since the nearest competition was some distance away in Walkerville and London. Griesenger named his new business venture the British American Brewery. It was a big name for a modest start. To be precise, the brewing facility was located in a wood-frame house and the summer porch served as the shipping and loading dock.

C. , circa 1892. On December 7, 1920, the Kamloops Telegram reported that the Imperial Brewing Company had been purchased by the owners of the Ranier Brewing Company of Seattle, Washington. Plans were immediately announced for a $75,000 plant expansion to the existing brewery in Kamloops and 60 men would be employed at the new facility. The plan was to have the plant brew Ranier beer for both the domestic and export trade to the Orient. It is also safe to assume that a portion of their production found its way to the west coast speakeasies.

This chance incident caused him to seek an alternative opportunity in the brewing industry. Now 27 years old, Cross returned east and found employment with the Montreal Brewing & Malting Company. Once he earned his first-class certificate in brewing, he headed back to Alberta, eager to establish his own brewing business. Alfred persuaded five other ranchers and a local lumber merchant to become partners in his new enterprise. In 1892 they formed the Calgary Brewing & Malting Co. with Alfred Cross as president.

Dundurn. com Dundurn Press 8 Market Street Suite 200 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5E 1M6 Dundurn Press 73 Lime Walk Headington, Oxford, England OX3 7AD Dundurn Press 2250 Military Road Tonawanda NY U. S. A. 14150 BREWED IN CANADA ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The writing of a book of this scope required an enormous amount of research, sifting and sorting of information, reading, filing, writing and rewriting. While this process is essentially a solo effort, the final work could not have been achieved without the help of many people.

Carling was an elected member of the Canadian Assembly for London in 1857 and held that seat until Confederation in 1867. In the Federal House, he was appointed Postmaster-General. Sir John’s most significant cabinet post was as Minister of Agriculture for Canada. During his tenure, he worked to encourage dairy farming and set up a quarantine system for diseased cattle. Carling founded the Dominion Experimental Farms Service and introduced legislation that established the Ontario Agricultural College at Guelph.

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