Bugs Potter Live At Nickaninny

Bugs Potter Live At Nickaninny

Gordon Korman

Language: English

Pages: 98

ISBN: B01K176O8S

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Bugs Potter is not going to let a summer of roughing it come between him and his music. A cooking pot makes a great drum and soon he has a group going with plans for a concert. Will he have an audience?
















That's my bass drum. " * * * From their boat out in the middle of the lake Lesage and Benny trained their binoculars on the Potter-Vedda campsite. "They don't look very suspicious to me," said Benny. "There's a guy playing catch with a kid, a lady hanging up clothes, another lady reading some kind of magazine and a guy chopping wood. " "The guy chopping wood calls himself Potter," explained Lesage. "The other man—the one who just got hit in the face with the baseball—calls himself Vedda. " Benny looked on with interest.

Do you think I'm dressed properly for visiting? " "You haven't been dressed properly since the day you got here! " barked Mr. Potter. "You shut up! " cried Mr. Vedda. "Come on. " Mrs. Potter hustled her husband inside their tent. "I want to talk to you. " Mrs. Vedda set off, invitations in hand. Elizabeth ventured outside. She was wearing her father's baggy pants and a loose-fitting shirt, sunglasses and a kerchief to hide her dark hair. Seeing her, Bugs remembered, not without some guilt, that he had promised his father to be nice.

I can't believe the stupidity of all this! " he growled. "How could I allow this to happen? " Elizabeth looked around uncomfortably. Her mother had insisted that she wear her own clothes rather than her father's, and she had succeeded in finding a shapeless track suit. So far no one was staring at her. Soon night would fall and she could melt into the shadows. She sighed. What a horrible experience it was to have to sit and watch one's mother make a fool of herself! Bugs, too, was restless. All he wanted to do was get away from camp and be with Gus and Roger.

She let out a piercing shriek and then began to strut arrogantly to the front of the stage. The crowd came to life with a hoarse cry of recognition. Elizabeth stood before them wearing Roger's large Department of Forestry shirt, which hung down far enough to cover completely her cut-off shorts. Her hair was rolled up under a ranger's hat, and on her feet she wore Gus's native moccasins. Around her neck hung a heavy pair of binoculars. She screamed one more time and then began singing the big Endomorph hit, "Blast It," accompanied in fine style by the rest of The Nickaninny.

Care for a snack? " Hyde recoiled in contempt. "Ramsay, you have no conscience. " Ramsay produced pen and paper and began to copy Hyde's notes as the sausages warmed over the campfire. "Kindly lean back, Hyde. You're in my light. " An invitation to dinner It was early dawn when Frank Potter rolled over in his sleeping bag. "Mary," he whispered, shaking his wife's shoulder, "do you hear anything? " "No," she mumbled. "Go back to sleep. " "Listen—it's a plane. I'll bet Gee and Brent are leaving. Good.

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