Dream Chasers: An Inspector Green Mystery

Dream Chasers: An Inspector Green Mystery

Barbara Fradkin

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 1894917588

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A seventeen-year-old sets out to meet her secret lover by an Ottawa waterfall. Three days later, her body washes up in the shallows. The public fears a sexual predator is on the loose, but Inspector Green suspects a more personal connection. His search for answers draws him into the world of elite young athletes, drugs and teenage sexuality. Then a social worker who knows too much disappears, and blood is found in the house of a star with NHL prospects. Unless Green can unravel the truth, how many others will pay the ultimate price for a young mans dreams?
















Fearing disciplinary action from yourself or the principal, Ms Zukowski has chosen to make herself scarce. ” “I’ll be in touch,” she said frostily and hung up. Green allowed her that small measure of defiance. He did plan to assign someone to track down the social worker’s whereabouts, but he had no intention of telling the dragon lady that. He knew she would break all speed records trying to locate the missing woman. Control freaks do not tolerate staff who make them look bad. Woe betide Jenna Zukowski if she was in fact just lying low.

I have a teenage daughter. Keeping track of who’s dating who is a top priority for them. Gibbs, why don’t you and Luc take that? You can take a couple of guys from General Assignment to help you. ” Gibbs nodded without enthusiasm. His eyes were redrimmed, and his suit wrinkled, as if he could barely summon the interest for work. His regular partner, Sue Peters, had been severely injured during a murder inquiry a couple of months earlier, and Sullivan had tried unsuccessfully to find a replacement who suited Gibbs’ meticulous style.

Is she a good swimmer? ” he asked. She nodded. “She is good at many things. She took lessons in the public pool. ” “Diving too? ” Marija looked up from her folding, startled. “What? ” “Does she like to dive from the high diving board? ” Marija frowned, and Green could see her trying to make sense of his question. Suddenly, fear raced across her face. “The falls? You think... ” “I don’t think anything. I’m just looking at possibilities. ” Marija pressed her hand to her mouth. The stark panic in her eyes gradually died as she wrestled her emotions under control.

Adams. I wouldn’t trouble you for your time if it wasn’t. ” She yanked the door open and stepped back into a dark hallway cluttered with shoes and boxes. She tugged at her cotton housecoat, trying to pull it across her pregnant belly as she slouched towards the room at the end of the hall. “You better come in. I can’t stand on my feet too long. ” The house stank of smoke, urine and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Clothes, magazines and dirty dishes littered every surface. Married with Children blared from the 52-inch plasma TV that dominated one wall, and Gibbs noticed a brand-new PlayStation 3 still sitting in its box in the corner.

He’d been the last thing she’d researched the night before she disappeared. Eleven Mentally, Brian Sullivan could feel his feet dragging as he followed Green across the lawn to the school. The man who greeted them at the door wore a scowl on his thin, weaselly face which didn’t improve when Green thanked him for his help. The drizzle had stopped, leaving the air fresh and cool, but his bald dome still glistened with sweat. Sullivan suspected he knew the cause—harsh words from the top of the school board food chain, whom Green had called personally to obtain cooperation from the school.

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