For the Record: The First Women in Canadian Architecture

For the Record: The First Women in Canadian Architecture

Joan Grierson

Language: English

Pages: 136

ISBN: 1550028200

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When Marjorie Hill graduated in 1920 as Canada's "first girl architect," she was entering a profession that had been established in Canada just 30 years earlier. For the Record, the first history of women architects in Canada, provides a fascinating introduction to early women architects, presented within the context of developments in both Europe and North America.

Profiles of the women who graduated from the School of Architecture at the University of Toronto between 1920 and 1960 are illustrated with photographs of their work and include archival material that has never before been published.

The final chapter on contemporary women in architecture showcases contributions by leading women architects across the country, from Halifax to Vancouver to Iqaluit. For the Record also provides current information on schools of architecture in Canada and includes a list of other resources to encourage young women who are thinking of pursuing careers in architecture.





















105, left, graphics by FSC Architects & Engineers; right, VIA Architecture/Hotson Bakker Boniface Haden/Stantec Architecture/ PWL Partnership; p. 106, left, Wayne Duchart; right, Martin Tessler; p. 107, left and centre, Martin Tessler; right, Stephan Poulin; p. 1 0 8 , left, Stephan Poulin; right, Daoust Lestage; p. 1 0 9 , left, Alain Laforest; centre, Mario Dubreuil; right, Vittorio Vieira; p. 1 1 0 , Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning Ltd. ; pp. 111-112, Ben Rahn/A-Frame, courtesy of Levitt Goodman Architects; p.

WOMEN I N ARCHITECTURE TODAY 115 APPENDIX A: THE STORY BEHIND THE EXHIBIT Blanche Lemco van Ginkel With this publication the story of the early women graduates in An education in architecture involves a wide range of knowledge architecture at University of Toronto becomes more durably "For in both arts and sciences; requires a high degree of integration, the Record. " The project started in 1 9 8 3 when I was planning the analysis and synthesis; and the distillation of knowledge and expe- Faculty of Architecture's contribution t o the Centenary of Women rience through imagination and visual acuity.

1 9 4 2 Married Lieutenant John Leitch, RCE. 1 9 4 3 B. Arch. , University of Toronto. Worked for the City of Toronto Planning Board. 1 9 4 4 Received British Council travelling scholarship; visited England t o study housing and planning. 1 9 4 6 Worked at Fleury and Arthur, Architects, Toronto. 1 9 4 7 Founded Leitch Engineering Civil Engineers and Ontario Land Surveyors with her husband. 1 9 4 8 - 1 9 5 6 Four children born. 1 9 5 5 Faculty of Household Science, University of Toronto, demonstrator (part-time).

1 9 5 5 Enrolled in fourth year, School of Architecture, University of Toronto. 1 9 5 7 B. Arch. , University of Toronto. Registered, Ontario Association of Architects. Worked in the office of Sproatt and Rolph, Architects. "Professional status was not easy t o get. After two years of architectural work, the admissions council of the Ontario Association of Architects said, 'Back t o school for two years. ' Harsh as it seemed at the time, it was the right decision. "Both my husband and I have benefited from our architectural/structural association.

1990-2006 On the editorial board of For the Record. GlLLlES RESIDENCE, Braeside, Arnprior, Ontario, 1962. (Top) first floor plan; (right) south elevation. (OPPOSITE) LENNOX GRAFTON, 1942, in her RCAF uniform. Grafton THE 1950s 63 LENNOX GRAFTON 1 9 6 7 - 1 9 7 4 DESIGN MANAGER At Public Works Canada, a design manager is an architect or engineer in charge of the design aspects of a construction project. This involves the execution of the design itself, if that is not assigned t o an independent firm, supervision of all plans and specifications and assistance to the project (TOP) MARCH TOWNSHIP SCHOOL, Ontario, 1961-1962.

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