Picture Gallery of Canadian History, Volume 3: 1830 to 1900

Picture Gallery of Canadian History, Volume 3: 1830 to 1900

C. W. Jefferys

Language: English

Pages: 275

ISBN: 2:00202278

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History teachers take note! Here is one Volume 3 of my favourite resources for teaching Canadian History.

Dr. C. W. Jefferys was one of Canada's foremost historical artists and his three-volume "Picture Gallery of Canadian History" is probably his best-known achievement. His hundreds of carefully researched pictures of artifacts, people, places and episodes from Canadian history provide a "treasure house of information about this country's past."

Vol.1 - Discovery to 1900
Vol.2 - 1763 to 1830
Vol.3 - 1839 to 1900












They seemed to be alive for him, sharing his ecstasy. What began in the Calendar he continued as a hobby, X and fifty years later completed a long series ot superb drawings of Canadian fences. They begin with the stump. stone and snake fences of the pioneer, showing accurately in every detail how they were made, and continue on down through the decades to the ornamental iron and wire fences surrounding thl:' lawn or graveyard plot of the well-to-do-a story of the country told through the medium of its fences.

Fiorth wafl ARRIVAL OF LOYALIST VOLUNTEERS AT PARLIAMENT BUILDINGS TORONTO, DECEMBER, 1837 From a pen drawing by C. \\'l'. j efferyJ. REBELS DRILLING IN NORTH YORK IN AUTUMN, I837 From the Toronto Art League Calendar. 16 T "THE CORNERS" IN 1837 A P OL ITI CAL M EETING A c a lendar F rom the Toronto A r t League 17 00 -·- "¢-' C . w: .. l£tr,;~;,s REBELS MARCHING DOWN YONGE STREET TO ATTACK TORONTO, DECEMBER, 1837 BATTLE OF ST. EUSTACHE, 1837 19 Of IB37. PATRIOTE 7Aoma. s Storrow 13rown Dr Woffred .

Ociety S1mcoe Ont CZJst Iron 'Je11ce oE Ji ouse at Stc. rnforcJ Ont. ahoLtt 184-0 ' ---:--1 ' I ,.. J~~v7fl\\~u) 1 _ . Aol! :o. ~~~~~ 31 ORNAMENTAL IRONWORK, GATEWAY OF OSGOODE HALL, TORONTO 32 ORNAMENTAL IRONWORK, GATEWAY, ST. JAMES' CATHEDRAL, TORONTO LEGISLATIVE BUILDINGS :UPPER & LO\. JER CANADA MONTREAL HOTLLS I. IJJIIIIIII I 11111111111 'i1 a &a 1111111111 lli£ ~ ~ (! }11 ~ ill@ R_osco:Y ,J't. P? Juf Street Ope0ed 1(336 . [§adm. g Jiotef m 7Aidie,s & ':forbes BANKS~--------~ Bon! \.

Jtove 1839 ~~- 'Jen. Plate J'toJ)e +--B2Jftjmore Cook. JtozJe 42 7h.. e ! treat 'Jire at Quenec in. 1845 Juffered many conf.! a5'n. tionJ £rom d. s untif the end of t! ie .! Yineteentli Ce =::-c=~ 43 FIR~ ENGIN~$ 'Jjrst 6n,g1ne 111 'Joronto the

Jtched off' for tlle fMt time In si_ght Of tile JJ! o cfffoot CroJ. ring. " LmeJ' in. . /"lemory of Gdmut>d horn. r, by Duncan C;:,mpbe[[ Jcott CHIEF CROWFOOT OF THE BLACKFEET AT TREATY OF 1877 120 FATHER LACOMBE IN BATTLE BETWEEN CREES AND BLACKFEET 121 FATHER LACOMBE PERSUADES CHIEF CROWFOOT AND BLACKFEET TO ALLOW THE RAILWAY TO BE BUILT THEIR RESERVE 122 J3iq- Bear Tradin at fort Pzll From a pen drawing by T. W . M cLean. BLACKFOOT CHIEF IN FuLL CEREMONIAL CosTUME 124 CROwfOOT Chief of the 13f~ckJeet 7rom.

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