Something Fishy At Macdonald Hall

Something Fishy At Macdonald Hall

Gordon Korman

Language: English

Pages: 94

ISBN: 0590514474

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

There is nothing new about practical jokes at Macdonald Hall. The latest round includes water in the swimming pool being turned blue, the statue of Sir John A. getting a snazzy new outfit, and extra soap being snuck into the dishwasher just for fun. Of course, all fingers point to the usual suspects — Bruno Walton and Boots O'Neal. The funny thing — they are not the ones pulling the pranks this time! But they are unsure just who the new prankster is, and they have to prove they're innocent before they get expelled.

















The minute we put this up, every guy in school is going to want to scribble his initials on it. " "They'd fit," confirmed Wilbur. "Look who's talking," Chris told him. The office door opened and Mr. Sturgeon hobbled out, assisted by his wife. He stared at the poster, his eyes becoming wide behind his steel-rimmed glasses. "Goodness," he said in a faint voice. "What a healthy specimen! " Mrs. Sturgeon smiled brilliantly. "It's wonderfully impressive, like all your work, Christopher. Congratulations. " His face red, Chris tried to mumble his thanks.

Let's just get out of here before we all end up in trouble. " No sooner were the words out of his mouth, than there was a low growling sound, and a large, dark shape appeared from the front of the school. Rex swaggered into the clearing, his Doberman features becoming clearer in the moonlight. The big animal squinted at them through cruel eyes that were little more than slits. "I wonder whose dog it is," mused Boots. "He's not a dog; he's a Tyrannosaurus rex! " came Diane's voice from above. "Miss Scrimmage bought him for protection!

Aw, come on, Bruno! " Boots exploded. "There's no way we can watch all of them at the same time. " "It depends what you mean by 'we,'" said Bruno cheerfully. "You and I can't do it all. But when you throw in Wilbur, Larry, Pete, Sidney — " "Hold it. " Wilbur held up a meaty palm as though directing traffic. "I'm not spying on anybody. " "It's not spying," Bruno insisted. "It's surveillance. " "Surveillance? " repeated Pete. "What's that? " "Spying," translated Larry. "Look, Bruno, maybe the Phantom's not so funny anymore, but that doesn't make him Jack the Ripper.

Hi. I thought you were on duty this morning. " "This is duty," Larry said grimly. "The Fish wants to see you guys in his office — right away. " Bruno and Boots sat on the hard wooden bench in the Headmaster's office, waiting for Mr. Sturgeon. "This is so great! " Bruno chortled. Boots stared at him. "What's so great about being called in by the Fish? " "Don't you get it? We're innocent! For the first time ever, we can look the Fish in the eye and say that we didn't do it. " "Didn't do what? " came an all-too-familiar voice.

It seemed like a good idea at the time," Cathy admitted. "But right now a few of your guys are probably caught down holes and stuff. You know how it is. " "I most certainly do not! " Mr. Sturgeon snapped. "Well, follow us," Cathy instructed. "We've got all the traps memorized. You'll be safe. " The girls picked their way through the orchard, leading the Headmaster of Macdonald Hall. Not far from the edge of the trees, Cathy and Diane halted. "Uh-oh — " Cathy began. Mr. Sturgeon pushed past them and gaped in horror.

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