Son Of Interflux

Son Of Interflux

Gordon Korman

Language: English

Pages: 148

ISBN: 0590438670

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Even though his father is Senior Executive Vice President of Interflux, Simon leads his high school classmates in thwarting the giant corporation's plan to build a new complex and take over some city land.




















He's a genius, that's all there is to it. Today was the most moving experience of my life. " "Pass the ketchup," said Simon sourly. He had been secretly hoping that the filming would be an inconvenience and a bore, and that Nathan would turn out to be a jerk. Now, to hear Phil tell it, everyone who had missed it might as well die. Phil seemed to read his thoughts. "Don't worry. You're sure to be in the next shoot. He's doing Woodstock, so he'll need a lot of people. ” The high of Phil's weekend didn't last very long.

What do you think happened? I swore up and down that never again would a picture with a camel in it violate the walls of his sacred classroom! ” "We held a hurried consultation," T. C. amended. "On the grounds that the room was filling up with smoke, I recommended surrender, and my client agreed. " "You're not kidding! " said Sam feelingly. T. C. wasn't finished. "I looked into Querada's eyes, and I believe, as sure as I'm standing here, that he was prepared to burn down the office, himself, me, Sam, and the whole school if we had tried to be stubborn.

There it was again. If painting didn't pan out, Simon might still be able to avoid a career in Interflux by opening a plush office on Central Park West, and charging people $100 an hour to hear him say "I don't know what to tell you. " If he was going to be the public access guru, he might as well turn a profit. With "Subway Breakdown" ready and bound for greatness, the Cultural Center practically running itself, and worries about women all a thing of the past (until next time), Simon was able to turn his attention to his other classes.

Now that's a contender. ” "There is only one problem, Miss Dixon! " Querada suddenly thundered, just when it looked as through an air of calm were about to descend. "At the rate you're going, by the time this picture has reached a state where it is not an embarrassment to Querada, your sister will be on social security, and her new baby will be a stockbroker! Work faster! "The deadline for this year's Vishnik entries is November thirtieth," Querada went on in a pleasant, informative tone. "Just a little reminder.

It was kind of weird. I'm figuring carrot-top wants to go somewhere and he needs the wreck. But no. He just wants to talk. Only neither of us has anything to say. So he starts asking me all these questions about Antiflux and what's been going on lately, which is stuff he already knows. But get this — he doesn't chew me out, or moan and groan, or anything. He just listens. Freaky huh? ” Simon started walking again. "Freaky," he agreed. Although it was the last week in November, the weather stayed unseasonably mild, and there was no need for the emergency heaters that had come with the tent.

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