The Biker Trials: Bringing Down the Hells Angels

The Biker Trials: Bringing Down the Hells Angels

Paul Cherry

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Pages: 404

ISBN: 155022638X

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The Quebec-chartered “Nomad” chapter of the Hells Angels had two specific goals: to monopolize the Quebec drug trade; and to expand that trade across other parts of Canada. Their war against rival dealer gangs escalated to a boiling point, taking the lives of dozens of gangsters and innocent people as it played itself out openly on Montreal’s streets. Little did the Nomads know that at the height of achieving their goals, they would also be months away from a lengthy police investigation to shut them down. The trials that followed revealed seven years of conflict and murder initiated by Maurice “Mom” Boucher, the man who was at the epicentre of this war. One criminal trial in particular turned out to be one of the longest in Canadian history. It meant convincing a jury to accept the notion that a biker gang works on the same principle as a pirate ship — even the cook knows what their common goal is. The “biker trials” brought out informants on both sides of the conflict, who, for a variety of reasons had turned on the gangs they had previously sworn loyalty to. Their testimonies revealed the arrogance of the Nomads in their pursuit of a monopoly over Quebec’s illegal drug trade. Now, Cherry reveals the inside story of the biker culture and the biker trials.














While serving a three-and-a-half-year sentence for couriering, Joannette disassociated himself from gang members and asked to be separated from them while behind bars. Because of this, he was granted early parole by November 2003. Éric Bouffard was one of the full-patch Hells Angels arrested in Project Ocean. He would later be mentioned in a scandal that took on great importance to the average Quebecer. It came after the Journal de Montréal published a photo of Montreal Canadiens goaltender José Theodore partying at the bunker belonging to the South chapter of the Hells Angels.

Less than two weeks later, and a few days after Christmas, they went back to the same home on Pie-ix Blvd. accompanied by a third man. According to the police report, this time, the Boucher brothers were looking for the victim’s . 22-calibre rifle. They punched the victim in the face and forced him to sign a document saying he had sold them the rifle. They then used the rifle to rob $222 from the victim’s friend, who was visiting. As the Boucher brothers were leaving, Christian told them that if they called the police he would kill them.

One day while he chauffeured Robitaille around, Kane was told of plans to apply the Hells Angels’ corporate strategy to a different type of business. The plan was to start linking all of Quebec’s pawn shops through a Web site where their products could be sold over the internet. Robitaille was going to be partners with Maurice (Mom) Boucher and Robert Savard, a notorious loan shark at the time. It sounded like a good idea as other online stores were attempting E-business around the same time. But the Hells Angels did not see themselves as the next Amazon.

Going to Mass and Playing Baseball for the Rockers Stéphane Sirois noticed the links between Boucher and the Rockers had changed at some point shortly before he left the Rockers to get married. The change seemed to coincide with the timing of the creation of the Nomads chapter. “There was a time when, for each kilo of coke that was sold by the Rockers, by anyone in the Rockers, you had to pay $500 to Maurice Boucher,” Sirois said. “After that, what happened was that there were two or three members of the Rockers who bought packages of cocaine in bulk.

39. There were three other witnesses to the robbery, and Boucher and David were quickly arrested. They each received a 40-month prison sentence, giving Boucher his first federal prison term. Up to that point, his criminal record showed only minor things like theft and mischief. David also had only served relatively light sentences, as well, for things like theft and being in possession of counterfeit money. Boucher ended up serving most of the 40 months of his sentence behind bars. Like Boucher, Laurent David would continue a life of crime.

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