The Geese of Beaver Bog

The Geese of Beaver Bog

Bernd Heinrich

Language: English

Pages: 163

ISBN: 0060197455

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When award-winning writer and biologist Bernd Heinrich became the unwitting -- but doting -- foster parent of an adorable gosling named Peep, he was drawn into her world. And so, with a scientist''s training and a nature lover''s boundless enthusiasm, he set out to understand the travails and triumphs of the Canada geese living in the beaver bog adjacent to his home. In The Geese of Beaver Bog, Heinrich takes his readers through mud, icy waters, and overgrown sedge hummocks to unravel the mysteries behind heated battles, suspicious nest raids, jealous outbursts, and more. With deft insight and infectious good humor, he sheds light on how geese live and why they behave as they do. Far from staid or predictable, the lives of geese are packed with adventure and full of surprises. Illustrated throughout with Heinrich''s trademark sketches and featuring beautiful four-color photographs, The Geese of Beaver Bog is part love story, part science experiment, and wholly delightful.













S. Fish and Wildlife Service has the ambitious goal of slashing the resident U. S. goose population by 50 percent. The northeastern United States populations still continued their phenomenal population growth of about 15 percent per year. At one time the giant Canada goose was thought to be extinct, but it and all the races are thriving now and the increase in the Canada goose populations is a spectacular achievement of wildlife management that is equivalent to the comeback of white-tailed deer and the resurgence of wild turkeys.

I, too, had reacted from deep emotion. At the start, her coming into my life had been a random act of fate. Now, her dropping the feather was another. However, it felt more like Peep was leaving a token of our friendship. The feather that dropped from Peep. About the Appendices During my research I tried to resist the scientist’s impulse to squeeze Peep, Pop, and the other individual geese into a larger theoretical framework. And while I do reference scientific findings throughout The Geese of Beaver Bog, in the field observations of these special geese I’ve tried not to interrupt the narrative.

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He would, of course, not tolerate me picking him up, but if there is any other way that this wild-grown goose could show more trust, then I don’t know of it. Two days later, on May 30, after Peep had been off the nest and with Pop for only ten minutes, Pop took the (unusual) initiative to leave her and go to the nest himself. She did not follow, but while there he kept shaking his head and looking to the west, as though wanting to fly in that direction. Why would he want to lead her off with the eggs presumably now almost ready to hatch?

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