The Illustrated History of Canada

The Illustrated History of Canada

Craig Brown

Language: English

Pages: 700

ISBN: 1552639207

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

First published in 1987, The Illustrated History of Canada was the first comprehensive, authoritative one-volume history of the country. It featured chapters by seven of Canada's leading historians and hundreds of engravings, lithographs, cartoons, maps, posters, and photographs. Together, these elements created a sweeping chronicle of Canada from its earliest times to yesterday's news. Now The Illustrated History of Canada has been fully updated to bring readers into the twenty-first century, with new material on such topics as the rise of small government, the recognition of Native land claims, Canada's role in the post-Cold War "peace," and the 2011 federal election. More than ever, The Illustrated History of Canada is a must-have reference guide for all Canadians interested in the history - and the future - of our country. Contributors include Ramsay Cook (emeritus, York University), Christopher Moore (Toronto writer), Desmond Morton (McGill University), Arthur Ray (emeritus, University of British Columbia), Peter Waite (emeritus, Dalhousie University), and Graeme Wynn (University of British Columbia).




















But Radisson and Des Groseilliers were not to be denied. After abortive attempts to gain support for their idea in Boston and France, they travelled to England. There 68 Arthur Ray they obtained a favourable hearing in the court of King Charles n, from a small, close-knit group of courtiers who were deeply concerned with establishing a balanced imperial economy. Included in the group were Anthony Cooper, later first Earl of Shaftesbury; Sir Peter Colleton; Sir George Carteret; and the first Duke of Albemarle, George Monk.

Marc Lescarbot, one of Champlain's companions in Acadia, had staged a play, Le Theatre de Neptune, at PortRoyal in 1606, and in the 1690s Bishop St-Vallier complained about a performance of Moliere's satire Tartuffe in Quebec City, but there was little literature and a very sparse tradition of non-utilitarian writing in the colony, which never had a printing press. Devotional literature and practical handbooks in business, sciences, or geography dominated the personal libraries even of the well-to-do.

Champlain's writings often suggest the grim single-mindedness of a man who assessed things by COLONIZATION AND CONFLICT 103 their utility to his own projects, and by 1616, if not before, the foremost among those projects was the colonization of Canada. Champlain was no longer simply the local agent of a fur-trading company. He was breaking away from the traders who had brought him to Canada. In France royal support for Champlain's colony was growing, and since 1612 Champlain had held the title of lieutenant of the King's viceroy for New France.

1675. This great idealization of France's mission to the New World is attributed to Frere Luc (1614-85). In 1644 Claude Francois abandoned a promising career as a court painter and associate of Vouet, Poussin, and Claude to join the Recollet order; as Frere Luc he spent 15 months in New France in 1670-71, designing and decorating many of the colony's churches. Returning to France with his patron, Bishop Laval, he continued to paint pictures for Canadian churches. The female figure on the left of this canvas—a portrait of Anne of Austria, mother of the Queen of France—represents France; in the background is the St.

Lawrence that summer and forced the Cent-Associes' ships back to 104 Christopher Moore France. In 1629 Kirke and his brothers returned to capture the starving Habitation at Quebec and expel Champlain and most of his colonists. The Anglo-French war had actually ended before the Kirkes captured Quebec, and during their occupation the English seem to have had difficulty maintaining the complex alliances needed to keep the fur trade going. France finally recovered New France by diplomatic negotiation in 1632, but the colony had to begin almost from nothing, and after several years of heavy losses and no fur-trade revenue, even the well-funded Cent-Associes was near bankruptcy.

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