The Longest Road: A Zombie Novel

The Longest Road: A Zombie Novel

A.S. Thompson

Language: English

Pages: 312

ISBN: 0987602314

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Join Steve, Collin, Alex, Billy and Mike. A group of cousins surviving through the aftermath of a pandemic infection of unknown origin. Once contracted, the disease is irreversibly fatal, but its victims don't stay dead for long. Eventually the dead return to life, but all elements of humanity are replaced by ravenous cannibalistic tendencies. After fleeing their homes in up-state New York, the cousins take to the safety of the road, where they travel west-bound to the rumored "safe-zone" of California. Every day is a fight to stay alive; whether scavenging for essentials or engaging in nerve-racking battles with the relentless undead. Every stop they make is filled with surprises, twists and turns as their lives are now a roller-coaster being driven by hope and shadowed by despair. Feel their heartache. Experience their triumphs. Follow them as they journey across the wasteland that was once the United States. Ride alongside this family as they search for safety on The Longest Road.











Nicely done, guys. Looks like things just might be looking up for us at the moment. Okay, Mike, keep bringing back whatever you can. I want our cupboards filled, and then I want you to start siphoning the gas. Steve, I want you and Alex to head to the armory and try to get inside. Bill, I need your help with something. There’s a computer station in HQ and I want to see if you can get it working. Maybe we can get some answers about, well, anything. The power is out, so I think we’ll probably need the generator.

They used a pair of wire cutters Alex had found in the garage to start clipping the fence. The metal wasn’t incredibly tough, but Billy had been right that it wasn’t cheap. It took them more than a few minutes to make an opening wide enough. Steve readied his weapon and hopped through first. Once he was on the other side, he stood himself up and helped Alex through. “Don’t get stuck now,” he joked. “Fuck off,” Alex sneered playfully. The room was simple, containing a computer, a chair, and cubbies overfilled with papers.

We’re running low on gas. ” “Don’t we have some in the containers in the back? ” Alex asked. “No, I poured the last of it in yesterday when we stopped. ”  “Okay, give me a sec and I’ll check the map. ” Alex unfolded a map of Utah and began to drag his finger over the southern section. “Any idea where we are? ” “Good question. Well, we just got into Utah and I’m guessing somewhere in the middle. ” Alex noticed a sign on the highway and slid his finger over the map, searching for it. “Aha! Here we are.

He had the physique of an NFL linebacker, and the mentality of one, too. His aggressive nature only made him more lethal when they encountered the infected. On a few occasions in the past, his brash attitude had nearly cost him. Alex came from a broken home in southern California to live alone with his dad a few hours north of New York City. At twenty years old, he was the youngest cousin, but he was closest to Billy in terms of friendship. Standing at 5’10”, he was lean but muscular, and his dark brown hair was covered by a weathered Anaheim Angeles hat.

He did two lines in quick secession, offering Corey no more for his idiocy. The drugs kicked in and his face went numb. He paced back and forth, mumbling incoherent thoughts. The situation was spinning out of control, and he was desperate to find a way to salvage the initial plan, or at the very least, to keep them in the safe confines of the Eye. Suddenly, he stopped and walked back to the other two. “I got it. Brian, go now, and when no one is looking, crank the gate up a few feet. Some infected will eventually wander in, and when they do, we can blame it on Steve when he goes on watch later.

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