The Reckoning: Book Two of the Taker Trilogy

The Reckoning: Book Two of the Taker Trilogy

Alma Katsu

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 1451651813

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A love triangle spanning 200 years…Alma Katsu takes readers on a breathtaking journey through the landscape of the heart.

Love saved her soul . . . but the shadows of the past condemn her.

The Reckoning

In this “rich, satisfying, and gorgeously written sequel” (Chapters) to her acclaimed debut novel, The Taker, Alma Katsu pairs a mysteriously alluring young woman with an Er doctor from rural Maine on a harrowing, passion-fueled chase that transcends the boundaries of time.

With Dr. Luke Findley by her side, Lanore McIlvrae imprisoned her immortal enemy and has embarked on a new life; now all of London is clamoring to see the Victoria and Albert Museum’s “mystery” exhibit— Lanny’s collections of lost nineteenth-century treasures, including the last precious gift given to her by Jonathan, the man who owns her heart for eternity. But the portal to her past opens once more, as Adair, the Taker, crashes into the twenty-first century to hunt down Lanny and exact revenge for her heartless betrayal—the price she must pay for an endless love.













Adair was confident that he was massively more powerful than his tutor had ever been. But if the result was unsatisfactory—if the creature that came back was a monster—Adair promised himself that he would smother Jonathan with his own two hands, once he’d collected the necessary observations. Uncertainty battled with determination, however, twisting his stomach. He wanted Jonathan’s body for his own—one look at the photograph from the refugee camp confirmed that—but the thought of taking over a body that had been dead for a while was unsettling, to say the least.

Byron prompted, pointing first at me and then at Jonathan. “Yes, yes, you’ve found us out,” I rushed to answer, lest Jonathan contradict me again. By confessing that we were also disgraced and living outside polite society, we endeared ourselves to the poet, and even the countess warmed a bit. Over dinner, Byron elaborated on his tale, explaining that he’d been exiled from his homeland, although he didn’t fully explain why. He only hinted of his accomplishments as a poet, perhaps expecting us to already be familiar with his work, and was visibly disappointed when Jonathan confessed that he’d never found much enjoyment in reading.

I lowered my gaze. “We both know that’s not possible. ” He drew in a breath. “I searched for him, you know. I couldn’t believe he would leave us like that, me and Tilde and Dona. ” Pain seeped into his voice, and liquid sparkled in Alej’s eyes, behind his glasses. “Adair was so taken with you and Jonathan. He made no secret of it. This happened every time he made a new companion. The new one becomes the apple of his eye. You bask in his attention, thinking it will never end. Then, one day, he brings home a new pet, and you feel it is just a little bit colder in his presence; he does not have time for you as he once did.

But he felt he had to tell Jonathan to impress upon him the seriousness of his predicament and induce him to cooperate. “Had I known that, I would’ve come to Boston expressly to hunt you down and torn you apart with my own hands. ” Adair let Jonathan’s threat hang in the air. He pushed the chair back as he got to his feet. “As I said, I don’t want to hurt you, Jonathan. I don’t like threatening you, but I want you to understand that there are ways I can hurt you. For instance, I could wait until Lanore’s return to humiliate you, if you follow my meaning.

And suddenly, unbidden, the woman continued, saying that the doctor had taken an extended leave and couldn’t be reached, but he had mentioned to a colleague that he was visiting an old friend in the town they’d grown up in. Barely remembering to thank her, Adair put the phone down, amazed by his luck. Had he been able to make her do his bidding merely by wishing, or had it been a slip of the mind? Or was she perhaps a gossip? He thought of the feeling that went through him and the electricity in the air, and resolved to think more on it later.

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