The Sky Is Falling (Guests of War, Book 1)

The Sky Is Falling (Guests of War, Book 1)

Kit Pearson

Language: English

Pages: 126

ISBN: 0670828491

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

It is the summer of 1940, and all of England fears an invasion by Hitler's army. Norah lies in bed listening to the anxious voices of her parents downstairs.

Then Norah is told that she and her brother, Gavin, are being sent to Canada. The voyage across the ocean is exciting, but at the end of it Norah is miserable. The rich woman who takes them in prefers Gavin to her, the children at school taunt her, and as the news from England becomes worse, she longs for home.

As Norah begins to make friends, she discovers a surprising responsibility that helps her to accept her new country.











But Norah wasn’t hungry. Immediately after supper the girls were taken into a gymnasium where they had to stand in their vests and knickers while women doctors checked their throats, ears and chests. “We need to put some flesh on you,” the doctor told Norah. She felt insulted—hadn’t she eaten a lot on the ship? She’d always been small for her age, but no one had ever made a fuss about it before. While she got dressed again, she heard the doctor tell the little girl behind her that she had a cold and would have to go straight to the infirmary.

And just look at you—you’re covered in leaves and dirt. Where have you been? You’ve scared us half to death. If I had been consulted, you wouldn’t have been allowed out alone at all! ” “I went into the woods behind the garden and I forgot about the time. ” Aunt Mary looked so stricken that Norah added, “I’m sorry. ” “You went into the ravine? ” said Aunt Florence crisply. “This won’t do, my girl! The ravine attracts rough boys and it’s muddy and dangerous. You are never to go there again, do you understand?

Grumbled the nurse, coming in to check on her. “Imagine, a girl of your age who can’t wash herself! ” She did Norah’s hair and scrubbed her all over with a rough flannel. Then she handed her a kind of gown to put on. “Now say good-night to your brother,” she ordered. “I’ll take him to his room and come back for you. Yours is in a different building. ” A stubborn voice forced itself up through Norah’s exhaustion. “No. ” “What did you say? ” “He has to stay with me. ” “Don’t be difficult, Norah. You can see him all you want during the day, but the boys and the girls are sleeping in separate residences.

There! ” Norah blinked from the flash as the front door knocker sounded. Into the hall walked another tramp, a witch and a black cat with a bedraggled tail: Paige, Barbara and Daphne. “I want you back by nine o’clock, Norah,” said Aunt Florence. “I’ll lend you my watch. Do you have rules about where you’re allowed to go, Paige? ” “Yes, Mrs. Ogilvie,” said Paige politely. “We aren’t allowed to cross Yonge Street. ” She winked at Norah when Aunt Florence’s back was turned. “Let’s go, then, Gavin. ” Aunt Florence was planning to drive him around to all her friends’ houses.

Rupert,” her favourite, was still published, but even his adventures had been reduced to one panel at a time. But here there were such thick wads of comics from all the different papers that it often took her several days to get through them. Superman, the Lone Ranger, Tarzan and Flash Gordon—they were all new to Norah and she devoured their adventures with relish. Aunt Mary was sitting beside Norah reading the Evening Telegram. “Oh, no! ” she gasped. Aunt Florence jerked up her head. “Gavin, would you go and fetch my needlepoint?

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