The War With Mr. Wizzle

The War With Mr. Wizzle

Gordon Korman

Language: English

Pages: 112


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Republished in 2003 under the name The Wizzle War.

*NOTE* This is the original text, not the 2003 rewrite/republish. The Magnetronic 515 is intact, and there is no wizzleware.

Walter C. Wizzle and and his computer are trying to take over Macdonald Hall! Wizzle is making everyone wear a tie and is giving out demerits and detentions like they're going out of style! Bruno and boots have had enough. If The Fish (Headmaster Sturgeon) won't do anything, they will. Wizzle has got to go!



















Years. " "No! " Bruno was aghast. "We can't wait that long. We'll have to figure out some way to speed up the process. " "Well, Miss Scrimmage is on our side," said Cathy. "She's fawning all over them and playing mother of the bride. The only thing that bothers me is Peabody. Who can tell what she's feeling? That is, if she's feeling anything at all. How can we melt her heart if she doesn't have a heart to melt? " "Hmmm," said Bruno. "How about—yeah! Send her some flowers and candy and stuff like that and say it's from Wizzle!

No," he said, laughing foolishly. "I wonder why I wanted to go home," she said thoughtfully. "Scrimmage doesn't serve La Montagne. " "Maybe there was a fight on TV," he suggested. "I hate TV. " "Me, too. " "I like fighting, though. " "I noticed. " By this time Boots was frantic. "Bruno, Wilbur, let's go! They could sit here for hours! " Even Bruno was concerned. "You know, they look kind of strange. I mean, it's okay to laugh and have a good time, but they're all red and leaning all over the place and they look—weird.

Wizzle for the dress code and their present discomfort. Mr. Wizzle made his bouncing way up to the microphone. "Good morning, gentlemen," he greeted the boys. "I must say that you're a very smart-looking lot. I'm sure this is an improvement on previous opening assemblies. " There was a murmur from the crowd which Mr. Wizzle didn't seem to notice and which the headmaster quelled with one cold look. Mr. Wizzle cleared his throat and launched into the speech he had prepared. "We live in a rapidly changing world," he began, "a world on the brink of entering a new age of advanced technology, sophisticated computers…" "Oh-oh," whispered Bruno to Boots in the fifth row.

Maybe a nice long walk will give me a chance to plan some strategy. " "The last time you planned strategy," said Diane, "we all ran a lot of laps. " "Shhh," said Cathy. "I'm detaching my mind from my body. " *** A practical joke is funny, but sometimes it's not so funny, wrote Pete Anderson. "Hmmm. Eleven words. " Pete, Elmer, Bruno, and Boots were sprawled in various poses around room 306 writing their punishment essays. "I still say we should have formed a department or subcommittee or something to do this," said Bruno.

M. " "Well," said his wife, "he was violating curfew. That could interfere with a boy's school work, you know. " "Drimsdale has been a one-man observatory for three years," said the headmaster, "and never once has his average dropped below ninety-five. Mildred, to give that boy demerits is a crime against science! " "Mr. Wizzle is new here," Mrs. Sturgeon explained , "and all he saw was a boy breaking the rules. " "I suppose being smarter than Wizzle is against the rules. It would appear that harbouring the smartest boy in the world is one of the things that makes Macdonald Hall a dinosaur.

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