The Whisper of Legends: An Inspector Green Mystery

The Whisper of Legends: An Inspector Green Mystery

Barbara Fradkin

Language: English

Pages: 400

ISBN: 145970567X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An empty canoe washes up on the shore of the Nahanni River ― has the river claimed four more lives?

When his teenage daughter goes missing on a summer wilderness canoe trip to the Nahanni River, Inspector Michael Green is forced into unfamiliar territory. Unable to mobilize the local RCMP, he enlists the help of his long-time friend, Staff Sergeant Brian Sullivan, to accompany him to the Northwest Territories to look for themselves.

Green is terrified. The park has 30,000 square kilometres of wilderness and 600 grizzlies. Even worse, Green soon discovers his daughter lied to him. The trip was organized not by a reputable tour company but by her new boyfriend, Scott, a graduate geology student. When clues about Scott’s past begin to drift in, Green, Sullivan, and two guides head into the wilderness. After the body of one of the group turns up at the bottom of a cliff, they begin to realize just what is at stake.





















It turned out that the outfitter Scott had used was in the heart of the historic downtown, right on the edge of the Yukon River and a mere half dozen blocks from the RCMP. Feeling conspicuously official in the RCMP cruiser, Chris left it in the police lot and walked down to the river, where he joined the throngs on the waterfront walkway. Kayaks and canoes were stacked at the water’s edge and outside the outfitter’s itself. Inside, the store was packed with adventure enthusiasts browsing the aisles for the latest gadgets and space-age clothing.

The total was $3,781, paid in cash by Scott Lasalle. Out of habit, Chris jotted down the list. If he decided to follow up on Lasalle’s intentions the outfitter might be a good place to start. Tucked into a side pocket of the bag, encased in two plastic sheaths, was the legal document Hunt had mentioned. The paper was clean and white, as if it were new. But it looked like a photocopy of a much older document. The lettering was faded and fuzzy, like a copy made with carbon paper rather than a photocopier.

Because I don’t. ” Elliott chuckled. He kept the smile on his face as he thrust his chair back. “Yeah, I can take you up. I’ve got some business here in town so give me a shout when you’re ready to go. ” It was a busy afternoon of phone calls, last minute shopping, and packing the waterproof sacs Jethro had dropped off. Green was astonished at the amount of gear they were packing for one week. Had Hannah known about all of this? Or had she been caught out, without those extra pairs of wool socks and long johns?

Thanks. ” Andy’s cousin Jethro was a clone of her, a tiny stick man with leather skin and the same quiet smile. His black hair was drawn into a neat ponytail that almost reached his waist. He was sitting on the riverbank with a bicycle propped beside him and a collection of willow strips and a half-woven basket at his feet. A tall, lanky man in an RCMP uniform and windbreaker was sitting on a log beside him. He was all limbs and angles, like an adolescent still growing into his body, and if not for the uniform Green would have taken him for one of the campers.

He approached until the whole outline of the log structure was visible in what had once been a clearing but was now filled with wildflowers; pinks, purples, and vivid red. The cabin was little more than a shack with a filthy window, a splintered front door, and a roof that was collapsing on one side. The rough spruce logs were grey with age, the corners encased in blackened tin. Green was about to rush forward when Jethro grabbed his arm. He pointed to the ground, where even Green could distinguish the faint outline of a tread.

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