This Thing of Darkness: An Inspector Green Mystery

This Thing of Darkness: An Inspector Green Mystery

Barbara Fradkin

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 1894917855

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In the seventh book in the acclaimed Inspector Green series, an old man is found beaten to death on a street corner in Ottawa's Byward Market. Initially, the killing appears to be a mugging gone wrong. However, the mystery deepens when the victim is identified as Dr. Samuel Rosenthal, a retired psychiatrist with a contentious approach to life and treatment. Green discovers that the doctor recently changed his will to disinherit his estranged son and to benefit several former patients whom he believed he had failed. But who is the young mystery woman seen visiting Rosenthal's home every Saturday night? And more importantly, what does she know about the doctors death? Green races to track down the young visitor, but he is unprepared for the final resolution, which leaves him grappling with the ultimate meaning of justice.

















It isn’t important who he was or what went on last week. It’s only important that at that moment of that night, he crossed their path. ” Four Green’s late night walk around the block with Modo was a ritual he’d grown to love. His huge dog padded peacefully at his side, stopping to browse the scents in the bushes along the way, unhurried and unconcerned. Their street of modest old homes tucked behind overgrown maples and shrubs was never busy, and by ten o’clock it was a morgue. Not a single person passed him in the crisp autumn night.

With your previous record and your age, you’re facing the most serious prison time, but if you cooperate—” “I’m not ratting! ” “If you cooperate first, that’s going to show the judge you’re remorseful. I know this didn’t start off as a murder, Nadif. I know you just wanted to get laid, but she turned you down. Who knows why, that’s what she was there for, right? Maybe it was because she didn’t want a foursome, or because you were black. Whatever, she told you to get lost, and things got ugly. When the old man Rosenthal showed up, they got out of control.

Possibly. But there may be injured parties in there as well. As soon as back-up comes, send them in. But we can’t wait. ” With a bravado he didn’t feel, he stepped inside. The room was designed for comfort, with thick broadloom and huge, overstuffed recliners grouped around a sleek black fireplace. A high definition TV covered almost half the opposite wall, and bookshelves lined the other three walls. The room was empty. He and the constable hurried across, their footsteps muffled by the deep pile.

The man pumped Green’s hand, making his teeth rattle. A scowl replaced Levesque’s triumphant grin. “Mr. Crugar thinks he may know the identity of our mystery woman,” she muttered. “Oh? ” Green arched an eyebrow. A John perhaps, despite the born-again smile? “Well, I’m not a hundred per cent sure,” Adrian interjected. “It’s not a very clear photo, and I haven’t seen her in a few years. If it isn’t her, I don’t want to get her in trouble. She’s had more than her share. ” Green turned and gestured down the hall toward one of the interview rooms.

Why do you want David? Did the old man die or something? ” Green abandoned courtesy. “Yes. That’s why I need to find him. ” “Huh. ” The woman paused. “Well, I don’t know where he is. New Dehli, Frankfurt, Tel Aviv? He doesn’t keep me informed. ” “Does he have a cellphone or Blackberry? ” “I don’t have those numbers. ” Another pause, the sound of smoke dragging into lungs. “Look, you might as well know. He doesn’t live with us any more. ” “Where does he live? ” “Take your pick. He’s got six houses. Well, maybe only four or five now.

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