Tsunami: The Newfoundland Tidal Wave Disaster

Tsunami: The Newfoundland Tidal Wave Disaster

Maura Hanrahan

Language: English

Pages: 121

ISBN: 1894463633

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Twenty-seven dead. Staggering property losses.
Triggered by an offshore earthquake on the Grand Banks, a tsunami unleashed its fury on the coastline of the Burin Peninsula, Newfoundland, killing 27 people and destroying homes and fishing premises in 50 outports.
Here is the dramatic, incredible story of the South Coast Disaster of 1929, the superhuman efforts of Nurse Dorothy Cherry to save the sick and dying, and Magistrate Malcolm Hollett’s tireless campaign to rebuild shattered lives and devastated communities.



















Around them were splinters of wood from dories, flakes and stages. Pat realized that old Tom and Kate Tarrant had remained in their home. Even in the dimness of the evening light he could see that their house remained intact. Pat pulled away from Hilda and the children and confided his worry to the men he fished with. With a squeeze of Hilda’s shoulder, he hurried down the hill with his dory mates. “Will you be all right? ” she asked. “I will! ” he called. “I think that’s the last of it! I’ll be back— stay there with the little ones!

We’ll need the help after the true impact of the New York stock market crash begins to be felt. ” The other men said nothing for a few minutes. Then Campbell spoke up. “I’m sure other towns in the country will open their hearts and pocketbooks as well,” he said. “Oh indeed! ” Squires responded enthusiastically. “They’ve set up a subcommittee on outport contact. I’ve been told to expect large contributions from Grand Falls and Corner Brook in particular, where the paper mills are located. ” As Minister of Marine and Fisheries, Lake’s thoughts drifted to the hundreds of fishing villages on the northeast and west coast.

M. Mosdell Alex Campbell P. T. Fudge APPENDIX FOUR Letter from Magistrate Hollett to Captain Davis, Ianthe (note: Davis was one of the schooner captains commissioned to assist with the relief operations) Earthquake Relief Committee Of the Government of Newfoundland Hon. President: Hon. Sir R. A. Squires, K. C. M. G. , M. H. A. , Prime Minister Hon. Chairman: H. B. C. Lake, Esq. , M. H. A. , Minister of Marine and Fisheries Hon. Corresponding Secretary: Hon. H. M. Mosdell, M. B. , M. H. A. , Chairman Nfld.

Welcome on board the Meigle, Nurse Cherry,” Captain Dalton said formally, bowing his fair head to the slightly stooped woman following the doctor up the gangplank. He could see that beneath her cap, her brown hair was unkempt and her eyes were narrow in the manner of one who has recently awakened. He guessed that Mosdell had woken her. Doctors are odd beings, he thought. “If anyone deserves a rest, it’s you, Nurse Cherry,” Dalton said firmly. “I should have thought that if anyone deserves a rest, it would be you, Captain!

The saltwater comes right into the pond. ” The Bonnell side of Taylor’s Bay was a disaster. A collection of dwellings looked like they had been hit by heavy shellfire, thought Nurse Cherry. She remembered the bombs that had hit Bolton in 1916. A gigantic German airship had dropped five bombs on Kirk and John Streets, destroying six terraced houses and killing thirteen people. Even a horse was killed, Dorothy had realized in horror. The sounds of fire trucks had filled the air all day and night as the airship kept going, dropping more bombs on Washington Street and the Co-op Laundry on Back Deane Road.

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