Who Is Bugs Potter?

Who Is Bugs Potter?

Gordon Korman

Language: English

Pages: 106

ISBN: 0590403761

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An unknown drummer plays with famous rock groups - ans sends the croud into a frenzy ... Two scheming burglars try to steak a movie star's fabulous ermerald - and are foiled by a phantom intruder... a national high school concert explodes into a riot ... What has all this to do with Dave "Bugs" Potter of Red River High in Winnipeg? Even he's not sure, but his uprorious antics will have you laughing through each crazy episode.





















The last bar. He would miss working with these young people. As the music faded to a finish, suddenly the lights went out, throwing the Forum into complete darkness. Hey! thought Bugs as murmurs of alarm ran through the crowd, what a great time to — He stood up at his drum set and bellowed at the top of his lungs, "Let's do it! " He hit the first doorbell. Boom! The first flash bomb went off in front of him with a blinding glare. A column of red smoke rose into the air. "The stage is blowing up! " screamed BiBi Lanay.

You have to stop all this nonsense and act like a grown-up woman. " "I never should have left the Bronx. " "Oh, don't be silly," snapped Claire. "What were you then? " "I was young, I was pretty and I wasn't 'European'! I didn't have to worry about my public image or my accent or the Falusi Emerald or Bugs Potter! I could have married a doctor or a lawyer and lived happily ever after! " "Oh, let's not argue. We don't even know Bugs Potter. Why should we let him make us fight? " The door was flung open and Charlie burst in, waving a copy of the Toronto Sun.

What do I pay you for? " "Calm down," soothed Claire. "Nothing happened last night. " "What do you mean 'nothing happened'? " raged BiBi, without a trace of her famous accent. "Four nuts got in here disguised as plumbers, busted the sink and sprayed me with water! And what's more, they got away too! Charlie, you big ox, what kind of security guard are you? " "Sorry, BiBi," muttered Charlie. "And you, Claire. Didn't it occur to you that it doesn't take four plumbers to fix one sink? " "Sorry. I thought of it when it was too late.

I tripped him and I guess he dropped the emerald and you got it. " Charlie put a huge hand on Adam's shoulder. "Did you ever consider going into the security business? " A voice behind them shouted, "How do you do, Miss Lanay? " BiBi ran up to the drum set, threw her arms around Bugs and kissed him noisily on both cheeks. "Oh, my little Bugs, you are so very very wonderful! " Her accent encompassed most of eastern Europe. "Adam, look who's here! It's BiBi Lanay! Did you get my presents, Miss Lanay? " "But yes," squealed BiBi, making sure that the microphone was picking up the conversation, and posing for the photographers who were anxious to take pictures of the two famous stars.

Croaked Bugs. "It definitely amazed me," agreed Adam weakly. "I've never heard anything like it before. I thought it would kill me. " "I knew you'd love it. " Bugs beamed. "Aren't you glad you came? " "No," said Adam truthfully. Bugs leaped to his feet. "I'm going backstage to talk to the group. " "Bugs — no! " But before Adam could stop him Bugs was off and gone from view. Adam jumped up to follow, then changed his mind. It was best to wait at the table. Surely his roommate would be back for the second half of the performance.

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