Wind to Water

Wind to Water

David Hamershock

Language: English

Pages: 138

ISBN: 1598587889

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A United States military plane is shot down over the Iraqi countryside; its young pilot is presumed dead. A decade later, his fiancée, Maryn, takes a trip to Australia to finally say goodbye to her airman who never came home. The Seattle school teacher meets a divorced marine biologist named Grant on a tour. Grant soon discovers he's attracted as much to Maryn's wit as to her looks. But occasionally, a melancholy creeps into her eyes. Eventually, she allows Grant to read a letter from her fiancé-the kind soldiers write "just in case." Grant halts his romantic feelings and their friendship blossoms. Later, they reunite in California, but Grant wonders if Maryn's past is truly behind her. Wind to Water is a love story, travel adventure and romantic comedy. It chronicles an ordinary man's search for an extraordinary love in a world mostly unfit for such a venture. David Hamershock is an officer in the United States Armed Forces. The California native has flown nearly 2000 hours and 113 combat missions during his years of service. Prior to flying, he was a research biologist with several published works. He has an undergraduate degree in biological conservation from California State University, Sacramento, and a master's degree in managerial economics from the University of Oklahoma. Growing up near Lake Tahoe, the coastal redwoods and the Pacific Ocean, he developed an early appreciation for the great outdoors. Since then, his passions for culture, travel and nature have taken him to 35 countries. He lives with his wife and son in Hawaii. Wind to Water is his first novel.
















She leaned back, gazing skyward, “Not at all—I’ve been pondering things like this ever since, since, well since I’ve been old enough to notice. It’s just days like today when I get frustrated at how some things are managed, or should I say mismanaged, in this world. ” He watched her scan the cloudless, mid-afternoon sky, as he considered her points. “Well, in a world where you can now probably get a master’s degree in loot, riot and protest, it certainly doesn’t feel like we’re moving forward as a species,” he said.

You should see the size of the bottle Eve packed,” Andy stretched his hands about two feet apart and laughed. “I think I have that same bottle,” Grant let out a winded chuckle. “It’s great that you two seem to get along so well. I don’t think I’ve ever known a brother and sister who enjoy each other enough to travel alone together. ” “Ya, we’re quite close. And I’m lucky for that. She keeps me out of trouble. That Lexi, on the other hand, she may cause trouble for me, ya know. ” Andy talked on without hesitation, leaving little room for response.

Completing our day of adventure you’ll take the 90-minute ride to Cairns via the Kuranda Scenic Railway. This railway twists down the beautiful Barron River Gorge passing numerous waterfalls, bridges and tunnels along the way. Now, please sit back, relax and enjoy the remainder of the drive. ” Once in Port Douglas, they were set loose for two hours. Six of the group, including Grant, walked through the village, enjoying the quaint scenery and browsing shops. Despite the emotional night before, Maryn appeared to be in good spirits.

There, the Quicksilver skillfully slid between two enormous, floating platforms shaded by blue vinyl fastened tight atop metallic framing. Numerous other small vessels bobbed alongside the platforms, eager to take explorers out to discover the reef more personally. The staff worked with seasoned efficiency. Within a minute of pulling in, the Quicksilver was moored tight and ramps were in place. Certified divers were allowed to proceed at their own pace within certain boundaries near the platform while introductory divers remained linked to a guide.

I don’t know why I get so nervous! ” “It’s like jumping off the boat earlier, it’s just something you have to do. ” “Yer right, yer right. Alright, ‘ere goes,” Andy headed off to ask Lexi to dance. She accepted and they hit the dance floor, where Andy worked his Irish-style, funky, coast mojo. Grant swigged his now-warm brew, waiting for Maryn to reappear. The restrooms were a hike, so he knew it would take a while, but when 15 minutes had passed and she still hadn’t returned, he figured she wasn’t going to.

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